Heisenbräu, a brewery renowned in France for its famous Marmulades, is in danger. Indeed, its president Claude Saint-Feuillien, exhausted by a life of hard work and excess of all kinds, has decided to retire. On this occasion, he seeks to resell the above-mentioned company. Two of its employees, Nicolas Chimay and Loktar Karmeliet, having heard about its project, want to take advantage of it to sell to the highest bidder, each on their own, the precious recipes of the famous drinks. Their perfidy led them to take these recipes with them to the International Brewers’ Congress. While they are expected to present the company’s innovative project, a beer delivery service by drone, they plan to take advantage of the trip to meet potential customers interested in the recipes.

You are mandated to prevent this fraudulent transaction from taking place, in order to protect this national treasure and prevent the Marmulades from being counterfeited. These recipes will be very useful to us at the VSA, for…some reasons.



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