In a context of significant social tensions, the Bérets Jaunes movement has emerged to fight for the demands of justice and equity to which a part of the population aspires. Founded, among others, by the colorful Gustave Leproleau, this social movement has set up a security service provided by the company Lictor. But the latest events seem to indicate that there is tension between Gustave and Lictor. In fact, although initially in agreement with the objectives set by the Bérets Jaunes, Gustave withdrew from them, repelled by the violence of the demonstrations, and organized his own dissident group: The Bérets Tout Court. This break is not to Lictor’s liking, whose shady activities suggest very unlegal projects.

Participants of the Spying Challenge are therefore invited to investigate Lictor, its illegal activities and employees, as well as the charismatic Mr. Leproleau.

Here is the video presentation of Lictor:



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